Our Booths

We now have 3 photo-booth’s, A brand new Inflatable Igloo Photobooth!

See our Igloo page for full details and images of the new booth.

And Then of course our 2 originals:

A full size one which holds 8-12 people and then a children’s photo booth for the younger generation.

Both booth’s have the same capabilities, which include:

The latest green screen technology so you can have any background image you would like in it, or you can choose from one of my wide selection of images from all across the world.

We also have brand new Videoke software which means you can have all your guests sing a song of your choice, which is recorded and then a collection of all the songs put together at the end of the event for you.

Included with the booth we have a large selection of exciting props for both kid’s and adults!

As well as having a large box of props, with the new software and face recognition technology I have a huge selection of digital props which find your face and show up on the photos, so from a celebrities face to a funny mustache.

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